Back at blog

25 Jun

For the last 7 months my world has been consumed with finding a job, finishing my degree, writing my dissertation, and moving my dogs, cats, plants, and life 800 miles cross-country.  Needless to say, writing and updating my blog fell by the wayside.

In retrospect, I sometimes imagine my PhD dissertation as a toe-headed toddler, excitedly grasping her new juice-box (the juice-box represents all my creative and analytical capacity).  Each day of dissertation writing, the little girl ravenously extracted the juice until the straw slurped and gurgled, the box collapsed on itself, and there was nothing left in the box but a residual sweet smell. I think you get the idea.

Luckily, now that I’m getting settled, new work in a fresh environment has inspired me and spurred my creative energy… my juice box is full again and I’m giving it another shot!

You should find my first real science article posted within a week.  Until then, you can count the microbes in your backyard to keep busy.


One Response to “Back at blog”

  1. S. Sullivan July 11, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    Girl your simile, or is it a metaphor(?) with the juice box is too real. Knowing you for over thirty years I could see you holding that juice box, and I am very glad it is full again! I have just recently listened to and read a report about the possibilities that the three weather systems out in the gulf could go past the Tropical Storm stage and become Hurricanes, the theory being that if they do, they can actually pick up the oil and redeposit it much farther inland – in a huge mass – contaminating the soil and water tables. Are you hearing anything along these lines and if this does happen – how long would the soil and water be contaminated? Would a great deal of people need to be relocated because of the polluted water and soil?

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